Molcajetes Happy Hour… 4pm to 8pm Every Day!

Happy Hour!

We always wish to have a happy hour that last longer than 60 minutes. That’s why at Molcajetes the happy hour is 4 times longer: a whole 240 minutes every day!

Come any day of the week—yes, we are open 7 days a week!—and you get discounts from 4:00pm to 8:00pm on most of our drinks, including homegrown and imported beers, when you buy them individually or on a cold bucket full of ice with six beers.

You also get nice discount on Margaritas (whether is original, mango, peach or strawberry! and Margaronas (you know, your margarita with a Corona on top)!

How about discount on wine? You got it in both bottle and glass! Come between 4:00 and 8:00pm, every day!


Oferta! 3 Tacos + Cubeta de 6 Cervezas en Molcajetes!

3 Tacos + Cubeta de 6!Oferta! 3 Tacos + Cubeta de 6 Cervezas en Molcajetes!

Muchos de nuestros amable clientes están contentos con nuestra oferta 2 x 1 Tacos al Pastor, de todos los días Martes, ese día tenemos que preparar docenas de sabrosos tacos al Pastor.


Ahora tenemos otra oferta que esperamos te guste mucho: Todos los lunes puedes disfrutar de una cubeta llena de hielo con seis de tus cervezas preferidas, acompañadas de tres deliciosos tacos rellenos al pastor, hechos con ingredientes naturales, incluyendo las cebollas Cambray,  chile bien picante,  rábanos y pepinos.

Invita a tus amigos… ¡invita a tu pareja y comparte! ¡Es todos los lunes!

Warm welcome from Naples community to Molcajetes restaurant

Our special dish, the Molcajete

We are so happy for the great reception the Naples, Florida community has given to our  Molcajetes Restaurant.

It’s been only four months since we opened back in November 2015 this our second home, where there is always a table ready for our patrons to enjoy out authentic homemade food, based on family recipes used for years by the family of Chef Fernando Del Valle. Continue reading “Warm welcome from Naples community to Molcajetes restaurant” »

Molcajetes Restaurant

Gran bienvenida de la comunidad de Naples, Florida a Molcajetes Restaurant

Que contentos estamos por la bienvenida de la comunidad de Naples, Florida a Molcajetes Restaurant.

Han sido apenas cuatro meses desde la apertura en Noviembre 2015 de nuestra segunda casa, donde tenemos siempre mesa lista para que nuestros comensales vengan a disfrutar de auténtica comida casera con recetas mexicanas creadas por los antecesores del Chef Fernando Del Valle. Continue reading “Gran bienvenida de la comunidad de Naples, Florida a Molcajetes Restaurant” »

El Molcajete.

What is a Molcajete, you ask?

A molcajete (molka’xete or mol-cah-hay’-tay; Mexican Spanish, from Nahuatl mulcazitl is a traditional Mexican stone tool, version of the mortar and pestle, is used for grinding various food product. —Wikipedia.

We created a dish that honors our name and history: El Molcajete.

A bundle of pork, Mexican sausage, beef, chicken, shrimp, and cactus. Served with grilled onions, jalapeños, a side of guacamole, and your choice of corn or flour tortillas.

It’s delicious… come try!